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  • Showtime’s The Affair: What to Expect?

    Jan 17 • by gerson • Comments Off on Showtime’s The Affair: What to Expect?Articles & Interviews, The Affair

    The Affair has a different atmosphere, an ambivalent one. It’s a small town in Long Island. In the show, Noah (Dominic West, The Wire) is a New York public school teacher and aspiring novelist who is spending the summer at his in-laws’ estate out on the island. He is married with Helen (Maura Tierney, ER), his wife from 17 years and mother of their two children (one of them played by Julia Goldani Telles, Burnheads). The problem starts when Noah begins an affair with Allison (Ruth Wilson, Luther), a woman waiting tables at a very popular Hamptons diner. She is emotionally destroyed, trying to put her life back together, since the death for yet unknown reason, of her child with Cole (Joshua Jackson, Fringe and Dawson’s Creek), her husband. Cole is a ranch owner who is also struggling with the recent tragedy and with the financially strained ranch that has been in the family for generations. Cole and Allison’s perspective will be very interesting to watch, since they really suffered a tragedy and Cole seems overloaded with too many problems to deal with an affair. On the other side, Helen has a temper issue and gets stressed very easily. She’s bipolar and will explode strongly in some s cenes.

    The show focuses on the emotional and psychological effects of an extramarital affair. The drama will be told separately from the male and female perspectives using the distinct memory biases to both misdirect and intrigue.

    On the pilot episode, both Noah and Allison will be at a police station by the end of the episode being interrogated for some sort of crime. It is yet unknown the reason for them to be there, but that’s probably gonna be a flashforward to be revealed only by the end of the first season.

    The show will be deep and very emotional. The Affair will focuse on the details and mainly on the reactions of the two couple while dealing with the discovery of the affair. The affair itself will be less explored than their feelings in general.

    Award-winning playwright and writer-producer Sarah Treem (House of Cards) wrote the original script from a story co-created with Hagai Levi, whom she worked with on In Treatment. Treem and Levi will exec produce alongside Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights). Mark Mylod (Entourage, Shameless) directed the pilot.

    Joshua Jackson’s ‘The Affair’ Picked Up by Showtime!

    Jan 17 • by gerson • Comments Off on Joshua Jackson’s ‘The Affair’ Picked Up by Showtime!News, The Affair

    Joshua Jackson‘s new pilot The Affair has been picked up by Showtime,Deadline reports.

    The announcement about the pilot came yesterday at the Showtime TCA panel. The show also stars Dominic West, Ruth Wilson and Maura Tierney. The Affair is a “provocative drama exploring the emotional and psychological effects of an extramarital affair.” No premiere date is currently set, but Showtime says the Dexter spot in Sundays 9PM EST on the Summer Season is empty. We can’t wait to check it out!

    We translated the pilot script review of the series, so you can know exactly what it’s about.


    Gallery Link:
    Home • The Affair • First Promotional Pictures

    The Affair: Pilot Script Review

    Dec 10 • by gerson • Comments Off on The Affair: Pilot Script ReviewThe Affair

    The playback pitch of Showtime’s The Affair makes it impossible not to think about ABC’s Betrayal, launched this fall without meeting the expected success, which won’t surprise anyone. I admit that I really like the pilot script of Betrayal, but the result is far from having seduced me. Because of the major players, at first, absolutely not convincing and then slowly getting less unlikable. There was too much time lost in the two cheaters. As I feared, this sort of project can only have a shot at a cable network. So ABC decided to make it more accessible, less intimate, but forgot to make it energetic. As a result, it ended up as a cold and boring product, whose potencial was not enough to make you want to follow the story. The question is: will The Affair be a successful version of Betrayal?

    I don’t have the answer to this question, because I’m torn. And, frankly, I wouldn’t be schocked if Showtime chose not to greenlit it for a full season.  The theme of adultery is likely to affect many people. Has adultery ever been wrong? Who hasn’t ever cheated? “Lots of people”, you’ll answer me. An “I” perhaps. But are the faithfull the majority? I don’t believe so. That’s not the debate, though.

    Even though this pilot has something special, an ambivalent atmosphere as bright as dark and the heart of a small town on the East Coast, it seems at least trifling. What I’m trying to say is that the subject is basically made for a single season or even a mini series. But several seasons of 13 episodes? This would fall into a soap opera. Add many complications, a whole bunch of additional characters and let’s see how interesting it can get. In the first episode it isn’t the path followed. Everything is oversimplified to keep only the emotion of the meeting, disorder pain is never far away. It’s beautiful, but is it enough?

    The pilot is told through two perspectives: first Noah’s and then Alison’s. An interesting concept but it doesn’t really make the story any more interesting. For example: It would’ve been interesting if the stories of the two protagonists could differ a little bit, even if it was on silly details, but it is exactly the same. However, in the scenes, not everything is discovered. While reading it’s pleasant. I fear they can get a bit boring on the screen. Specially Noah’s (scenes of family life fairly basic). Going on vacation, teenagers who shun a woman slightly upset (Maura Tierney, who has not much to do at the moment). Alison’s situation is more singular. Her husbad, Cole, played by Joshua Jackson, is quite enigmatic! Should she be afraid of him? Is he a good person? Gradually, many questions arise. How did their child die? Is one of the parents responsible?

    But the greatest mistery surrounding this pilot resides in a scene where Alison and Noah are being interrogated by the police. The writer gives any information toward when and where and most importantly why it is happening. Has there been a murder? A suicide?

    The Affair could be a real deep, challenging and beautiful drama. The difficulty is not to produce a good pilot, especially if you have a cast as good as the one the Affair has, but also produce a second episode and then a third… and then dozens of them while remaining relevant and sober.

    This script was translated from this french website: Des News En Series

    I’m sorry if there are any mistakes in the translation (my french is not fluent). I did everything I could to make it as faithful as possible.

    On the Set of The Affair: Locations pictures

    Oct 7 • by gerson • Comments Off on On the Set of The Affair: Locations picturesThe Affair

    Productions for Showtime’s new pilot drama The Affair, where Joshua stars as Cole, a rough-edged cowboy who owns a ranch in Long Island, started in September and here are all the photos of the set we could find all over the internet. No one from the cast appears in any of the photos. The set is located in Montauk, Long Island.



    Gallery Link:

    Tv Shows • The AffairOn The Set • Montauk/Long Island Locations

    Joshua Joins ‘The Affair’

    Sep 24 • by ashley • Comments Off on Joshua Joins ‘The Affair’News, Projects

    As previously released Joshua Jackson will be returning to tv for new Showtime Pilot ‘The Affair‘. Joshua Jackson as a cowboy, whats not to love?

    Fringe star Joshua Jackson is joining Showtime’s new drama pilot The Affair.

    Deadline reports that The Affair is an intense and intimate exploration of two marriages and an affair that disrupts them — with all of the complex consequences that result. It centers on Noah (Dominic West), a good husband and devoted father of four whose settled, comfortable world is about to implode when he meets Allison (Ruth Wilson) who he he thinks is his soul mate.

    Jackson will play Cole, a hard-edged cowboy married to Allison. Their emotionally charged marriage becomes even more complicated when Allison begins an affair with Noah. Maura Tierney plays Noah’s long-time wife.

    The script is from playwright and writer/producer Sarah Treem and co-creator Hagai Levi.

    Jackson will be cast in his first role as a followup to Fox’s popular sci-fidrama Fringe, which ended its five-season run earlier this year.

    On the feature side, the former Dawson’s Creek leading man most recently starred in Stephen Frears’ Lay the Favorite and in Inescapable.


    Inescapable – Screen Captures

    Aug 11 • by ashley • Comments Off on Inescapable – Screen Captures"Inescapable", Gallery Updates

    Here are the DVD screen captures of Joshua Jackson in Inescapable (2012). Enjoy!

    inescapable-0002.jpg inescapable-0015.jpg inescapable-0071.jpg inescapable-0100.jpg
    inescapable-0119.jpg inescapable-0159.jpg inescapable-0194.jpg inescapable-0274.jpg

    Gallery Link:
    Movie Productions • Inescapable • DVD Screen Captures

    5.03 “The Recordist” First Still & Promo

    Oct 8 • by Anula • Comments Off on 5.03 “The Recordist” First Still & Promo"Fringe", Gallery Updates

    TV Shows > “Fringe” > Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5.03 The Recordist

    5.01 & 5.02 Episodes Screencaptures

    Oct 8 • by Anula • Comments Off on 5.01 & 5.02 Episodes Screencaptures"Fringe", Gallery Updates

    I’ve also added screencaptures from both first and second episode of season 5.

    TV Shows > “Fringe” > Season 5 > Screencaptures > 5.01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
    TV Shows > “Fringe” > Season 5 > Screencaptures > 5.02 In Absentia

    5.02 “In Absentia” Stills

    Oct 8 • by Anula • Comments Off on 5.02 “In Absentia” Stills"Fringe", Gallery Updates

    Missing stills from this week’s “Fringe” episode called “In Absentia” have been added to the gallery.

    TV Shows > “Fringe” > Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5.02 In Absentia

    “Fringe” Season 5 Promotional Photos

    Sep 27 • by Olivia • Comments Off on “Fringe” Season 5 Promotional Photos"Fringe", Gallery Updates, Projects

    Season five is just two days away, and here it is, the official photoshoot for season five. Joshua looks great in the photos, as does the rest of the cast! You can enjoy these photos in our gallery now.

    TV Shows > “Fringe” > Season 5 > Promotional Photos > Promotional Photos

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